• Two Benefits Of Working With An Insurance Back Office Support Provider

    Running an insurance agency can be a highly lucrative career for a person to pursue. While a small insurance agency might be able to function with only a few employees, large firms can have a vast number of clients with various needs to be met, and this can result in the need to build a sizable staff to meet these needs. Sadly, it can be too expensive for some firms to hire the staff needed to meet these needs.

  • Bundle Benefits: Top Reasons To Choose Bundled Insurance

    Between homeowner's, auto, life, and countless other types of insurance, most people purchase policies to cover everything. While promotional pricing and deals can often be too enticing to pass up, they can also lead to having several different insurance carriers. This isn't necessarily a problem, but there are several benefits to decreasing the number of insurance service providers through bundling. 1. Lower payments Much like cable, internet, and home phone providers, most insurance providers offer package deals when multiple types of insurance are purchased.

  • Auto Accident Claims: 4 Hidden Areas Of Auto Damage

    Auto accidents are traumatizing—even minor ones. While you may be feeling a bit sore after the accident, your car might look fine. However, just because your car appears to be fine, doesn't mean it is. Just like injuries can hide in a person, damages can hide in a vehicle. So before you decide not to file an auto insurance claim, make sure you look for these four potentially hidden damaged areas:

  • Three Driving Changes That Can Translate Into Money In Your Pocket

    When you receive your car insurance statement in the mail around your birthday each year, you don't have to accept that the number on the bottom of the page is the one you'll be paying each month. If you like the idea of saving money, it's relatively easy to make some simple changes to how you approach driving that can translate into a lower car insurance rate. Getting a lower rate is about more than just staying accident-free and avoiding tickets for things such as distracted driving.

  • Don't Make These Home Insurance Mistakes

    Homeowners' insurance is a deceptively tricky form of insurance. You may think it's as simple as comparing rates and buying coverage, but you need to do more than that to protect your home fully. Here are three mistakes you can easily make if you aren't careful: Using Your Coverage as a Maintenance Tool You have the right to file an insurance claim every time you experience a catastrophe. However, when you incur a manageable loss, it's wise to evaluate whether you need to make a claim or use your pocket to fix it.

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