4 Little Known Ways Your Homeowners Insurance Can Be Useful

Robin Wells

As a homeowner, having homeowners insurance is important to ensuring that you are protected financially in the case any damages were to occur to your home from fire, theft, a flood, and more. However, not many homeowners take advantage of their homeowners insurance. This is because there are many little known ways your homeowners insurance can help you in other situations. Here are four of those little known ways:

  1. Replace Car Seats: Many drivers have only liability insurance, which means that in the case of a car accident, their car insurance is only going to cover the damage done to the other vehicle involved. If this is the case for you, you should know that your homeowners insurance may help you cover to replace any car seat in your vehicle that was damaged. This is the case if you coverage through your homeowners insurance for property damage. 
  2. Replace Art: If you have any expensive art hanging in your home that has been stolen from you in the case of robbery, your homeowners insurance is likely going to compensate you for the cost of that expensive artwork. This is why it's important to take pictures of expensive pieces of artwork in your home so that your insurance company can compensate you a fair amount for the piece in the case of theft. 
  3. Covers Your College Student's Dorm Room Possessions: If you have a son or daughter who is living on their college campus, you should be aware that your homeowners insurance can cover your son or daughter's belongings in the case of theft. Be sure that you have the right property coverage attached to your homeowners insurance policy to be sure that this is the case. 
  4. Coverage for Roof Damages: There have been instances where things have literally fallen from the sky and caused damage to a homeowner's roof. This includes things such as refuse from an airplane. Whatever the case, the damages can be extensive, but your homeowners insurance is likely to cover it. Since the damages in this case will cost so much out of pocket, be sure to talk to your homeowners insurance agent to be sure that you would be covered in an extreme case such as this. 

When you know these little known ways your homeowners insurance can be useful for you, you can be sure that you are taking full advantage of the homeowners insurance that you are paying to have every month.