• Hints For Buying Homeowner's Insurance

    Insurance companies are in business to make a profit, but they can't put their financial interests above yours—you pay premiums so you're covered when you need it. If you're a homeowner, insurance coverage can be a valuable asset, but there are things you need to know for you to be at an advantage. Buying Adequate Coverage When it comes to buying enough homeowner's insurance, your home's market value isn't what counts.

  • Reducing Your Risk Of Rollover Accidents

    Rollovers make up a small percentage of the total number of automotive accidents, but they account for nearly a third of auto-related fatalities. The danger of rollovers is intensified by the common occurrence of ejections as well. Since rollover accidents are such a safety concern, it's important that you are aware of the risks and the best ways to protect yourself and your auto insurance. Assessing Your Rollover Risk Although no vehicle is exempt from rollover risk, there are some vehicle designs that are at a greater risk than others.

  • Incorporating An Insurance Preservation Trust In Your Estate Planning Process

    An insurance preservation trust is an irrevocable trust, formed with the insured's life insurance policy as the asset. It's a viable estate planning option because policy proceeds aren't taxable. Overview With an insurance preservation trust, the insured gives ownership of his or her policy to the trust. In return, the trust monitors the policy and makes premium payments. When the insured dies, the trust gets the proceeds and distributes according to the trust agreement.