• Three Things That Can Void Your Auto Insurance And Leave You Uncovered

    If you have auto coverage for your car, perhaps you think that you'll be covered no matter what. Below are three things that can void your coverage and require you to pay for any damages out of pocket. Untold Modifications While you have every right to make modifications to your vehicle, don't expect your auto insurer to be enthusiastic. So, what if you just don't tell your insurer? Insurance companies aren't in the business of covering people who lie to them—failure to disclose any modifications done to your car can result in a denied claim.

  • Third Party Accidents And Your Car Insurance

    Are you in a situation where a friend or someone else crashed your car -- or wondering about how your insurance company would handle such a situation? Take a look at these different categories of third-party accidents, and how insurance may apply. Just Between Friends So maybe you have a friend who has insurance and already drives a vehicle, but he or she just needs yours to make a short run.

  • Search For A VIN-Etching Discount To Lower The Auto Insurance Premiums On A Used Car

    Whenever you buy a used vehicle, there is a chance that a previous owner had the car's VIN etched into its windshield. To see whether it was etched, just look in the lower left corner of the glass. If the car you bought has its VIN etched, then it may be worth finding an auto insurance policy that will give you a discount for this anti-theft measure. VIN Etching Vehicle identification numbers (VINs) are unique, 17-digit numbers used to identify vehicles.

  • 3 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Auto Insurance Deductible

    Auto insurance (such as is provided by Colling Insurance Services, Inc) is supposed to give you a peace of mind financially. However, the stress of paying your deductible could give you a huge migraine should you be involved in an accident. That's why it is important to consider all angles when choosing your deductible. Here are some things you should consider before making this choice.  1. Can You Afford It? This is different for each person, but you should ask yourself if you can afford the deductible you are considering.

  • Hints For Buying Homeowner's Insurance

    Insurance companies are in business to make a profit, but they can't put their financial interests above yours—you pay premiums so you're covered when you need it. If you're a homeowner, insurance coverage can be a valuable asset, but there are things you need to know for you to be at an advantage. Buying Adequate Coverage When it comes to buying enough homeowner's insurance, your home's market value isn't what counts.