5 Lifestyle Habits That Your Car Insurance Company Cares About

Robin Wells

Your car insurance rates are not just about the vehicle that you drive and if you have any tickets on your driving record. Your auto insurance rates are also about your lifestyle. Here are five surprising habits that your car insurance cares about.

Staying At The Same Job For An Extended Period Of Time

Your car insurance company actually cares about how long you have been at your current position. Insurance companies really like policy holders who have held the same job for more than a year. The longer you have been with the same company, the better you look to your insurance company. Insurance companies see staying at the same job for an extended period of time as a sign of stability and responsibility, which they often reward with lower insurance rates.

Staying At The Same Address For An Extended Period Of Time

Have you noticed when you are shopping around for new insurance, that the insurance company always wants to know how long you have been at your current address? The less you move around and longer you stay at your current address, the higher chance you have of lowering your insurance rate. Just like with staying at the same job, insurance companies see individuals who stay at the same address for multiple years as more stable and less of an insurance risk than individuals who have a new address every six months to a year. 

The Safety Of Your Neighborhood

Your insurance company also really cares about your zip code. If you live in a neighborhood that has low crime rates, you are going to be rewarded with lower insurance rates. If you live in a neighborhood that has higher crime rates, expect to pay more for your insurance. Before you move again, check out the local crime ratings, and try to choose an area that you like and that is low in crime.

Your Driver Education Efforts

Insurance companies also really like policy holders who do not just assume that they know how to drive safely. If you sign up and take a defensive driving course or a driver's safety course every few years, you will increase your skills and decrease your premium. Insurance companies reward individuals who stay on top of their driver education with lower rates and discounts. 

Your General Education Efforts

Finally, insurance companies like policy holders who are educated. Each level of education you obtain will make you seem like less of an insurance risk to your insurance company. Drivers who have higher levels of education generally see it pay off with lower insurance rates.

If you want to lower your car insurance rates, you not only need to keep a clean driving record, you need to look at your lifestyle habits. The longer you stay at the same job and in the same home, the lower your rates will go. The more you pursue your general education and your driver's education, the lower your rates will go. The choices you make outside of your vehicle can affect your insurance rates as much as the choices you make when you are behind the wheel. 

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