Make Sure Your Homeowner's Policy Covers These 3 Things

Robin Wells

Having a home is a big responsibility. When you have a mortgage, you are responsible for carrying homeowners insurance. While you might think everything is covered under your policy, that isn't always the case. To make sure you aren't hit with a surprise repair bill, go through your policy to see if the following items are covered or not.

Mold Damage

With so many different species of mold in existence, it only makes sense that you have probably seen it at some point in time or another. However, the last place you want to see it is on the walls in your home. Beyond being a health hazard, it can cause breathing problems and allergies to flare up. Even though mold is quite a threat, many homeowner's policies don't cover this danger. However, there might be an endorsement available to cover mold if you are willing to spend the extra money on your insurance policy.

Sewer Backup

While no one wants to think about their sewer system backing up into their home, it can happen when you least expect it. Whether it be because your lines are old or because your little one put something down the toilet they shouldn't have, sewer backup is smelly and expensive. It can damage your floors, furniture, walls and electrical system. Consider adding on extra insurance to make sure you are protected in the event something does go wrong.

Termite Infestations

Termites can invade your home quicker than what you think. They come in and being wreaking havoc on your foundation. All it takes is some dead plants or wood close to your home to give them entry to your property. If there is a lot of moisture around the foundation of your home and the crawl space isn't ventilated properly, these little pests will come in and start thriving in your space. Before you know it, they have eaten right through the support beams of your home.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies won't cover damage from these unwelcome pests. The best thing you can do is have your home inspected on a regular basis to check for termites and head them off before they spiral out of control.

You spend a lot of money on your home. The last thing you want is to find out you didn't have the right coverage on your property. Speak to insurance agents at places like Coast Comp Insurance Agency about adding on the extra coverage for the items above to help give you the peace of mind you need in the wake of a disaster.